Shenzhen Topmembranes Technology Co., Ltd. 

is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in research and development and preparation of high-end membranes, integrating research and development, production and sales. The company is located at the Shenzhen economic zone, the frontier of China's economic opening.

The company's tenet is realistic and innovation. It is committed to applying cutting-edge micro-nano technologies to prepare high-end membranes’ components that are widely used in high-precision chemical, medical, biopharmaceutical, environmental monitoring, food, beverage and water treatment, and air purification.

The company has strong technical strength. The company's technical leaders have made outstanding contributions in the areas of micro and nano manufacturing, membrane material technology, bio-technology and advanced functional materials. The company has hard power in research and development, has a group of advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing, analysis, and experimental devices. The company's organic and inorganic membranes, and detection products have been highly praised and supported by clients such as university laboratories and scientific research institutes at home and abroad.

'Shenzhen Topmembranes Technology Co.,Ltd.' adheres to the people-oriented, realistic and innovative, service-oriented, advancing with the times, and constantly develops membrane products with world-leading technology and a wide range of applications in the field of micro-nanotechnology. Adhering to the core values of “honesty, innovation and simplicity”, taking the market demand as the guide and the customer as the supreme principle, we adhere to the concept of scientific and technological development to realize the innovation and industrialization of the filter membrane in its application field, making the company’s membrane products become the world-class national brand, for the company to become the world's new material filter film industry leader.

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