V hole AAO template product on-line!

Time: 2017-12-02 Publisher: network

Recently, our company has launched a new V hole AAO template. Its overall structure is similar to the previous traditional AAO template, but its channel cross-section is not rectangular, but inverted cone, the channel aperture from the top to the bottom smooth transition. The center spacing of the pore is about 450 nm, the depth of the pore is about 900 nm, the top diameter of the pore is about 450 nm, and the bottom diameter is about 100 nm.

The pore of this kind of structure is widely used in the preparation of nanomaterials. For example, the V-shaped pore can be easily used to cast PDMS and other polymer materials to prepare flexible films with nano-conical protrusions on the surface, because this pore structure is conducive to die drawing. In addition, a series of thin films were deposited directly on the substrate of V-shaped pore AAO templates, which can be used to fabricate optoelectronic devices with three-dimensional nanostructures to improve the absorption of light. Please pay attention to product introduction and application introduction.

Product Description: http://topmembranes.com/productshow.asp? Id=41

Application: http://topmembranes.com/appsShow.asp? Id=201

V hole AAO template product on-line!

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